Announcing the Microsoft Teams Meetings Capture solution template

Jeremy Thake

The Meetings Capture app showcases how you can accelerate the development of a canonical business app using the Microsoft 365 platform. We build it to help teams capture the information generated in meetings both in person and online. The app streamlines the ability to create a meeting and store all the information within Teams channel for easy future retrieval. 

At Ignite 2019, we hosted a pre-day where we walked through how we built this app end to end. Yina Arenas also showcased it in her Microsoft Graph Overview session. There was a lot of interest in open sourcing this for you to use, so we are happy to announce that it is available today on Github. You can watch an end to end demo of the functionality in this video. 

In our January 7th Microsoft Graph Community Call, Todd Baginski, Microsoft MVP, and Nikola Metulev, lead for Microsoft Graph Toolkit at Microsoft, will present the overall solution and offer insights into how this was built. Subscribe to our monthly calendar ics to attend the monthly call! 

The app’s front end is written in ASP.NET dotnet core and leverages the Teams SDK to get the users authentication contextWe’ve used Microsoft Graph Toolkit web components to build the user experience (saving the development team weeks of work building them from scratch). We also used the new proxy layer in the toolkit to have all Microsoft Graph calls happen in the middle tier.  SaaS data is stored in an Azure SQL database. 

The app can be deployed into any TeamWhen the tab is launched by a member in a channel, they can create a meeting, add members from the team, pick from suggested time slots, add agenda items and upload pre-read documents. All these features are powered under the covers by Microsoft Graph. 

The app takes advantage of many parts of the platform. Calendar invites are sent to the users with all the information about the meeting. This includes links to the pre-read documents. Emails are sent to remind people to do the pre-reading before the meeting. Tasks are created in the Plan for the Team, so they show up in their Planner or Microsoft Todo apps. 


When the meeting starts, you can launch the meeting in the tab and capture meeting notes that will be stored in a OneNote page within the Files for the Team and track tasks for members that are stored in tasks within the Plan for the Team. 

This open source project is a great endtoend example of how to build a Microsoft 365 app that you can use in your own apps. It is also a ready to go business solution that you can use within your organization today. We encourage you to trial this today!  

If you have ideas about how we – or you might want to improve this app templateplease let us know.  You can either create feature requests in our issues list…or you can submit pull requests with the code already complete ready for review by our team! 

Here’s a demo of the solution taken from the Microsoft Graph January community call. You can check out the entire call here

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