Announcing general availability of Microsoft Teams Resource-specific consent and read channel messages

Nick Kramer (TEAMS)

One of the most common requests we receive in UserVoice is for resource-specific consent (RSC). Developers want to build apps that can read messages and manipulate channels, without needing to beg an admin for access to the entire tenant. We are pleased to announce the general availability of resource-specific consent and the APIs to read channel messages.

The resource-specific consent (RSC) permissions model enables team owners to grant consent for an application to access and/or modify a specific team’s data. These permissions include:

Permission Action
TeamSettings.Read.Group Get the settings for this team.
TeamSettings.ReadWrite.Group Update the settings for this team.
ChannelSettings.Read.Group Get the channel names, channel descriptions, and channel settings for this team.
ChannelSettings.ReadWrite.Group Update the channel names, channel descriptions, and channel settings for this team.
Channel.Create.Group Create channels in this team.
Channel.Delete.Group Delete channels in this team.
ChannelMessage.Read.Group Get this team’s channel messages.
TeamsAppInstallation.Read.Group Get a list of this team’s installed apps.
TeamsTab.Read.Group Get a list of this team’s tabs.
TeamsTab.Create.Group Create tabs in this team.
TeamsTab.ReadWrite.Group Update this team’s tabs.
TeamsTab.Delete.Group Delete this team’s tabs.
TeamMember.Read.Group Get this team’s members.
Owner.Read.Group Get this team’s owners.

The APIs to read channel messages are also now generally available with both RSC and delegated permissions. These APIs allow you to read channel messages, replies, reactions, attachments, and cards. These APIs include:

  • GET /teams/{id}/channels/{id}/messages
  • GET /teams/{id}/channels/{id}/messages/{id}
  • GET /teams/{id}/channels/{id}/messages/{id}/replies
  • GET /teams/{id}/channels/{id}/messages/{id}/replies/{id}
  • GET /teams/{id}/channels/{id}/messages/delta
  • Subscribe to /teams/{id}/channels/{id}/messages

We look forward to seeing what you build!

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