Announcing Angular Elements support in PnP SPFx generator

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The open-source PnP SPFx generator extends the capabilities of the out-of-the-box SPFx generator with additional libraries and frameworks. This approach gives you a standardized setup for new projects based on the SharePoint Framework. The previous versions already included frameworks such as HandelbarJS and VueJS.

The latest addition now is Angular Elements. The generator creates two projects, one project set up for AngularElements and one for the SharePoint Framework. The benefit of this approach is that Angular developer can use the typical Angular tools for the development. The output of this Angular project integrates into the SharePoint Framework project with the integration of web parts and extensions. This approach combines the best of both worlds and makes sure the overall result is optimized from the performance perspective.

You can find a detailed introduction on the added Angular Elements support from the below PnP webcast. Webcast covers the following topics.

  • The core concept of the extensibility model of SPFx
  • Project creation through PnP SPFx Yeoman generator
  • Specifics on the Angular Elements and SharePoint Framework integration
  • Benefits to using PnP SPFx Yeoman generator over manual configuration

Webcast presentersWaldek Mastykarz, Pawel Hawrylak, Stefan Bauer

More information on the PnP SPFx generator

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We are looking forward to your feedback around this released capability. Notice that the PnP SPFx Yeoman Generator project is an open-source initiative which welcomes contributions from anyone from the community. This project is coordinated by SharePoint community members together with SharePoint engineering.

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 2nd of November 2018

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