Announcing “30 Days of Microsoft Graph” Blog Series

Brian T. Jackett

Throughout the month of November 2018, we are publishing daily articles (30 total) that aim to introduce developers to Microsoft Graph.  We’ll have content that covers 0-level to 200-level topics.  Each post should take you 5-15 mins to read and try out the sample exercises.  No prior knowledge of Microsoft Graph is required.  We hope that beginners will quickly pick up the content and that experts will also learn a few new things.

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Please be sure to bookmark this page ( as the below list of topics will be updated as each day’s post is published.

We also have a GitHub repo with each of the Try It Out exercises from the daily posts.

Who are we?  We are a collection of Microsoft FTEs, Microsoft Graph product group members, and MVPs (alphabetical by last name).

  • Tunde Abu – Premier Field Engineer, SharePoint
  • Yina Arenas – Principal PM Manager
  • Gavin Barron – Microsoft MVP and Solution Architect at Intergen
  • Vincent Biret – Microsoft MVP and Software Engineer
  • Martin Boejstrup – Senior Premier Field Engineer, SharePoint / O365
  • Bob German – Partner Technical Architect, Modern Workplace
  • Brian T. Jackett – Senior Premier Field Engineer, SharePoint / O365
  • Jason Johnston – Principal Content Developer
  • Jeremy Kelley – Senior Program Manager, OneDrive
  • Nick Kramer – Principal Program Manager, Teams
  • Darrell Miller – Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Graph
  • Peter Richards – Principal Software Engineer, Intune
  • Ben Summers – Senior Product Marketing Manager, M365 Apps
  • Jeremy Thake – Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Graph
  • Srinivas Varukala – Senior Premier Field Engineer, SharePoint Dev

In preparation for the blog series it is recommended to install the following tools.

We’ll cover a lot of topics covered in this series, but it’s not necessary that you read every single post.  Think of this series as a learning path to touch upon a wide variety of topics within Microsoft Graph and related areas.  If there are specific topics that are of interest to you please leave a comment and we will do our best to include them.

If you’d like to share this blog series with others, please use the short-link the hashtag #30DaysMSGraph.  You can also follow all Microsoft Graph blog posts (including this series) using the RSS feed  We look forward to you joining us on this blog series.


If you enjoyed this blog series, please join us for A Lap Around Microsoft Graph Toolkit to continue your learning with Microsoft Graph.

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You may or may not know this but this project was almost entirely a labor of love and not the primary day job for many of our planners or contributors.  This series wouldn’t have been possible without all the planners, content contributors, and you as readers.  A huge thank you to all for helping make this project a reality.  As we reflect on lessons learned, what went well, and what we can improve on for future projects we especially appreciate your feedback.  Please take a few minutes to share your feedback and suggestions on anything and everything related to this series as it helps make future projects like this possible.

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