Add-in samples have moved to GitHub

Office Add-ins team

We just pushed a refreshed set of Office Add-in and SharePoint Add-in samples from Code Gallery to GitHub. While we were at it, we also added new samples and updated the others to show off some additional features and technologies that developers can use with add-ins.

The Office Add-in samples on GitHub use the latest version (1.1) of the Office Add-in manifest schema and incorporate the Office UI Fabric framework, which makes their interfaces more consistent with the Office Design Language.
These are the new and significantly revised entries in our sample collection:



We updated the YouTube add-in so that you can now easily set it up on a Ruby web server running in your own local development environment.
You can find the 7 SharePoint Add-in samples and all of the add-in samples at You’ll also find these and a lot of other helpful Office samples, along with helpful filters that make it easy to search by category and technology, at

So go ahead and start cloning, forking, and filing issues against our new repos, and we’ll get working on your requests and feedback.

Office organization in GitHub

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