A Lap around Microsoft Graph Toolkit Day 8 – Microsoft Graph Toolkit Recap at Build 2020 & What’s in Season 2

Beth Pan

Build recap: if you missed us at Build…

Did you attend Build this year? We chased the sun for 48 hours to deliver exciting announcement and releases. Here is a blog on Microsoft Build 2020: Empowering developers to deliver impact today and tomorrow if you need a quick recap. During Build, the Microsoft Graph Toolkit team had the privilege of some screen time to show off the work we have been doing! You can now watch the recordings if you missed us live!

Microsoft 365 Developer Live Show

We hosted a 3-hour developer show as part of the Microsoft Build live stream on Twitch. In those 3 hours, we built a web app, a Microsoft Teams tab, and a PWA to facilitate small group breakout meetings by leveraging the Microsoft Graph. The app was built using React, Microsoft Graph Toolkit, and the new Microsoft Graph Toolkit React wrappers.

Partner Success Stories Built with Microsoft Graph Toolkit

Please note that the Beedle and Dugga videos are on Microsoft Stream right now that requires credentials from Microsoft organization. We are actively working on moving them to allow anonymous access. They will be public by June 15th. Stay tuned.

You may remember that Magix’s story on San Francisco Conservatory of Music was featured in both Satya and Rejesh’s keynote. You can read more about how they utilized Microsoft Graph Toolkit in their production applications in the upcoming season of A Lap around Microsoft Graph Toolkit on June 15th.

Sessions containing Microsoft Graph Toolkit updates

Interstitial sessions

Ask the Team session

We hosted an Ask the Team session where attendees had an opportunity to ask any question about the Microsoft Graph Toolkit. There were a lot of great questions and discussion, from people just getting started, to developers who are already using the toolkit.

Season 1 recap

In Season 1 we shared seven articles with you aiming to introduce you to Microsoft Graph Toolkit. We started off by making a simple case for why you should use the toolkit (Day 1). We showed you how to go from zero to hero (Day 2). We explored some toolkit components with customization options (Day 3, 4, 5 ,6). We wrapped up the season by exploring auth providers in Microsoft Graph Toolkit (Day 7).

What’s in Season 2

Season 2 is action-packed! We’ll start with a series of posts on auth providers.  We’ll also have some real-world use cases built by Microsoft partners. We’ll close the season with two samples, one for React and one for Angular, to help you get started using Microsoft Graph Toolkit with these well-known frameworks. Here is the full list of Season 2’s posts and posting dates:

Social and Feedback

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We greatly appreciate your feedback as we reflect on lessons learned, what went well, and what we can do to improve this experience for future projects. Please take a few minutes to share your feedback and suggestions on anything and everything related to this series!


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