A Lap around Microsoft Graph Toolkit Day 12 – Success Stories of Microsoft Graph Enabled Apps

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In this edition of A Lap Around the Microsoft Graph Toolkit we’re going to share real-life examples of how some of our Education-focused partners are building solutions that address today’s challenges of remote and hybrid learning with Microsoft Graph Toolkit powered apps and the Microsoft Teams platformWe hope to inspire you to use the toolkit to create Microsoft Graph-powered experiences in your own projects! 

Beedle: Improving Teachers’ Productivity

The first partner we’ll look at is Beedle, an Iceland-based startup whose education solution has grown rapidly to include customers in more than 70 countries. Beedle builds classroom management tools that help teachers use to do a variety of key tasksfrom accessing class lists to storing and organizing their lesson documents and resources, directly within Microsoft Teams.  The Beedle team makes extensive use of Microsoft Graph’s Users, Files and Education APIs, and they used Microsoft Graph Toolkit to vastly accelerate the deployment of Person Cards (including the hover feature) in their app. 

“Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Graph Toolkit are essential tools to our developers, and they helped us build features much easier and faster for today’s classrooms on the Microsoft 365 apps platform.”  

– (Niclas Walter – CEO of Beedle)

Beedle planning & class list tools view

Dugga Assessment: Monitoring Students’ Performance through Online Assessments

Our next partner is Duggabased in Stockholm, Sweden.  Dugga Assessment is a fully-featured tool built on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams designed to make it easy for teachers to build, schedule and deliver secure online assessments that students can track in their Outlook or Teams calendars. Dugga’s developers use Microsoft Graph Education, Users, Calendar and Online Meeting APIs. They also take advantage of the Microsoft Graph Toolkit’s People & Person  components so teachers can post assessments to specific classes without entering individual email addresses, saving tremendous amount of time. 

“The Microsoft Graph APIs made product development much easier and more accessible.  The Microsoft Graph Toolkit in particular helped our developers build Graph-powered experiences within the framework of our Microsoft Teams apps –  and saved us tremendous amount of time.” 

 (Maria Gårdlund  CEO of Dugga)

Dugga Assessment app view

School Day: Managing Student’s Social Emotional Wellness

Finally, let’s take a quick look at School Day from Finland.  Their solution helps teachers gauge the social & emotional wellness of their students.  Each day, students are asked to answer a small set of simple questions. School Day’s solution then presents teachers with a classroomlevel evaluation of different aspects of students’ wellness including Learning, Social and Emotional Skills, Social Relationships and Wellbeing – while protecting individual students privacy.  School Day developers take advantage of Microsoft Graph APIs for Education and the Microsoft Graph Toolkit’s People and Login web components to help teachers interact more effectively and quickly with students. 

“Using the Microsoft Graph APIs and the Microsoft Graph Toolkit, we were able to quickly build our app that connects to school rosters and launch School Day just in time to capitalize on the recent acceleration of the digital tools in the classrooms – due to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures.  Onboarding is much easier for our client schools with Microsoft Graph API”  

– (Mika Kasanen – School Day, CEO)

School Day – Social & Emotional Wellness Management app view

We hope you enjoyed these three stories about how Education partners are using Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Graph Toolkit – and are inspired to leverage the Microsoft Graph APIs and Microsoft Graph Toolkit more in your current or upcoming projects! You can read more stories on how Microsoft enables education partners in shift to hybrid learning here. Stay tuned as our last two articles will show you how to use Microsoft Graph Toolkit in your React and Angular projects! 

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