Announcing JUnit Support for Visual Studio Code

Xiaokai He

Today, we’re pleased to release a new extension to our Visual Studio Code Java extension family – Test Runner/Debugger for Java. It’s a lightweight test runner/debugger with below features we hope you will like.

  • Recognize JUnit4 tests
  • Run test
  • Debug test
  • View test status and run summary

Java 9 Support

Same as the Debugger for Java, this is also an open source project. Please check out the github page for more details and feedback.

Along with the new extension, we’re also updating our Debugger extension with version 0.4.0. With this release, we’re adding a few useful tools to make Java debugger in VS Code more enjoyable.

Launch in terminal

Since the standard VS Code debug console does not allow input, we’re now providing an alternative for you to use external or integrated terminal within VS Code to launch your application. Now you can input values to step over the input statements. It’s also a simple configuration in launch.json.

Java 9 Support

Stop on Entry

With a simple configuration, now you can ask the debugger to stop at your first line of code when it’s launched, and step through from there without needing to put a breakpoint beforehand.

Java 9 Support

Other changes

This new release also include these additional updates

  1. Multi-root workspace support
  2. Bug fixes.

Details could be found at our extension marketplace page and our debugging tutorial. For our next release, we’re now working on 3 other highly demanded feature, step filter, expression evaluation and hot code replacement. Please stay tuned and we will enable those soon! Please find more details in our changelog and don’t hesitate if you would like to share your thoughts with us, just join the Gitter discussion or submit an issue!

Try it out

If you’re trying to find a performant editor for your Java project, please give it a try


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