Top .NET Videos & Live Streams of 2022

James Montemagno

This year was packed full of amazing releases, conferences, and .NET developer content. The .NET YouTube reached new heights by adding nearly 60K new subscribers bringing the total over 200K! Thank you all so much for being subscribers, joining in on discussions, and jamming that like button on all of that great content that the team and community puts out. We have seen over 7 million videos views which amounts to over 650K hours consumed! That is over 27,000 days or 3,870 weeks, or 74 years of watch time! With some fun stats out of the way, let’s get into the top videos of 2022.

Top .NET videos of 2022

Let’s start things off with the top new on-demand videos that were released this year. This list does include sessions from .NET Conf, but not the live streams themselves.

Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 7

Steve Smith’s presentations on Clean Architecture continue to take the top spot on views each year form .NET COnf. This year Steve looks at clean architecture (aka Onion, Hexagonal, Ports-and-Adapters) to help organize your code in a way that limits its dependencies on infrastructure concerns in ASP.NET Core.

.NET Conf 2022 Keynote: Welcome to .NET 7

The most watched live stream event is also one of the most watched on-demand videos of the year and it includes the launch of .NET 7! Take a look at what is new for .NET developers across all workloads including cloud, mobile, desktop, web, AI, IoT, and so much more.

If I’m a beginner at .NET, what resources are available to me?

Looking to get started with .NET? Jayme has you covered with all of the resources in you need and covers it all in 60 seconds!

Introducing the .NET Community Toolkit

The .NET Community Toolkit is one of my personal favorite libraries of the year, and Sergio joins me to discuss how it can help developers build apps faster with support for MVVM source generators, performance APIs, and advanced diagnostics.

ASP.NET Core in .NET 7 Preview 1 – What you need to know

The excitement for .NET 7 was high even from the very first preview as shown by the popularity of Dan’s video of what is new in ASP.NET Core in .NET 7 Preview 1! He breaks it all down and then at .NET Conf 2022 gave a full State of ASP.NET Core session that you for sure need to checkout!

Beginner’s Series

In addition to these videos, there were several top Beginner’s series that filled several of the top spots including Entity Framework Core and .NET MAUI.

Top .NET Live Streams of 2022

Some of the most popular content on the .NET YouTube are live streams from the .NET teams where they engage directly with you! You can always find the latest upcoming streams on the .NET website’s [](.NET Live TV) page.

.NET Conf

.NET Conf Day 1 and Day 2 took top spots as you may have guessed, but .NET Conf: Focus on .NET MAUI and the .NET Conf 2022 – Student Zone were not that far behind.

Learn C# with CSharpFritz

Each monday, Jeff Fritz live codes, answer questions, and builds fun .NET projects. This year he had tons of top live streams, but Get Started with ASP.NET Core MVC took the top spot! Be sure to watch it back and binge on his back catalog.

.NET 20th Anniversary

Not only did .NET 7 launch this year, but it was also the celebration of 20 years of .NET! The .NET 20th Anniversary was a celebration of all things .NET with team members and stories from the community.

Let’s Learn .NET – .NET MAUI

When .NET MAUI launched earlier this year, developers were ready to start learning how to build fantastic multi-platform apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows from a singled code base. The Let’s Learn .NET series introduces developers to different .NET topics and .NET MAUI took the top spot.

.NET Community Standups

Each week .NET team members give you a behind the scenes look into the development of .NET. No matter what type off .NET developer you are and what you are building there is surely something you will find super interesting at one of these standups. Some of the top standups this year were:

That’s a wrap!

Thanks to everyone that create, enjoyed, comments, smashed that like button in 2022! We have tons of great new content coming your way in 2023 so make sure you go and subscribe to the .NET YouTube if you haven’t yet to stay up to date.

What were your favorite videos and live streams of 2022? What are you looking forward to in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.


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