The week in .NET – 5/3/2016

Bertrand Le Roy

To read last week’s post, see The week in .NET – 4/27/2016.

Evolve conference

Xamarin Evolve, the largest cross-platform mobile event in the world, happened last week. The .NET team was there to celebrate all things Xamarin with our good friends, and now colleagues. All the sessions can be watched on YouTube, with an incredible cast of speakers that includes Steve Wozniak and Grant Imahara.


Last week on the show, we spoke with Benjamin Fistein and Jakub Míšek about Peachpie, a PHP compiler for .NET built on Roslyn.

Package of the week: Flurl

Flurl is a fun library that makes it super-easy to query remote HTTP resources. Here’s for example how you’d query a remote API with OAuth:

Xamarin app of the week: Sqor Sports

Sqor Sports is a social network where athletes can engage directly with their fans and monetize their own brands. The Sqor team is able to innovate more, release faster, and provide a white glove experience to their celebrity athletes thanks to Xamarin.

Sqor Sports

User group meeting of the week: Seattle – Xamarin Evolve 2016 Redux!

Tonight, Tuesday May 3 at 6:00PM, at City University of Seattle, Rich Lander and Frank Krueger will help you catch up on all the amazing stuff that was shown last week in Orlando. The meeting will be hosted by the Seattle Mobile .NET Developers group.




Check out F# Weekly for more great content from the F# community.


Game of the Week: JumpJet Rex

JumpJet Rex is an action/platformer that incorporates elements of racing. Players are immediately dropped into a tutorial level that teaches them very quickly how to use their rocket boots to fly, jump, dash and attack enemies while avoiding deadly traps. Upon completing the level, players have the opportunity to try to beat their best time by competing against a ghost version of themselves running the level. JumpJet Rex has several game modes including story, multiplayer arena, co-op and speed run.

JumpJet Rex was created by Treefortress Games using Unity and C#. It is available on Mac and Windows via Steam. More information can be found on their Made With Unity page.


And this is it for this week!

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As always, this weekly post couldn’t exist without community contributions, and I’d like to thank all those who sent links and tips. You can participate too. Did you write a great blog post, or just read one? Do you want everyone to know about an amazing new contribution or a useful library? Did you make or play a great game built on .NET? We’d love to hear from you, and feature your contributions on future posts:

This week’s post (and future posts) also contains news I first read on The ASP.NET Community Standup, on F# weekly, on ASP.NET Weekly, and on Chris Alcock’s The Morning Brew.


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