Save the day with a Visual Basic, C#, or F# T-Shirt!

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Mads and Dustin showed off these stylish little numbers at BUILD and ever since we’ve been getting pinged by community members wanting to know where they can get their very own so they too can show their passion for their favorite programming language(s).

Who wouldn’t want to look this awesome?

These were originally team t-shirts from years ago and every time one of us wears one of them out at a talk or a conference without fail you let us know how much you’d love to get your hands on one. Finally Visual Basic MVP Jim Wooley shot me a tweet saying “Just put it on already!“. Great idea, Jim! We actually lost the pattern but I’ve come up with a couple of different designs based on the original I want to share with you and hear what you think.

I’ve always had a few problems with the original designs. They’re obvious homages to Superman but the background is black instead of blue which is weird. What if the background were blue? Should the C# one be blue too?

The Classic Theme 

Going a bit further, the fonts always seemed a little arbitrary and while the C# one uses green (the color we use for C# in the project and source file icons) the VB one is red (whereas VB’s color in VS is blue). And there’s no F# shirt at all and that’s no good (don’t worry, we’re gonna fix that). So what if instead of strictly adhering to the theme of the Man of Steel we kept close to the themes of our languages as they appear in Visual Studio? Presenting:

The Light Theme

Complete with F#.

The Dark Theme

For those of us who code at night.


The Dark Theme (High Contrast)

For those of us who like the dark theme but with the white hot intensity of colors that figuratively literally scream at you like an ALL CAPS menu.

So, there are some ideas. I’m still playing with the patterns a bit but with any luck we might have these available online somewhere just in time for summer so you can let everyone know exactly who the coolest person on the beach is. We don’t have any plans to make any capes but never say never. In the meantime let me know what you think. Do you like any of these designs? Should we make just one available or several? Do you have suggestions? Leave your comments below.



Anthony D. Green, Program Manager, Visual Basic, C#, and F# Languages Team



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