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It’s been over seven years since the Prism project started, led by the patterns & practices team. It was originally known as the Composite Application Library. Last year, we celebrated our 5th official release of Prism. The two major focuses of that release were: composability and ease of community contribution.

From the beginning, Prism has had a strong community focus. This hasn’t simply been a matter of surveys and user studies, but frequent discussions and regular code reviews with community members and industry experts. Now it’s time to take Prism to the next level.

We are very pleased to announce that we are officially transferring ownership of our Prism projects to three passionate and dedicated community members.

  • Brian Lagunas. Brian is a Microsoft MVP whose involvement in the project started with Prism 2. Brian frequently speaks about Prism at various events and conferences, as well as provides professional training on Prism. He has authored courses about Prism for Pluralsight.
  • Ariel Ben Horesh. Ariel has been involved with Prism since its first release. A longtime advisor and advocate, he has built dozens of applications using Prism. More recently he was an early tester and advisor for Prism for Windows Runtime and he has several Prism-based apps in the Windows Store.
  • Brian Noyes. Brian is also a Microsoft MVP and has also been involved with Prism since its inception. Brian was a team member for several Prism releases, contributing directly to the design and implementation. He has provided training and consulting services for Prism since 2008. He has also authored a Pluralsight course on Prism.

There is a strong continuity for the project since the new owners have been significant contributors since the beginning. As part of this hand-off, the projects will be consolidated in the PrismLibrary org on GitHub. Likewise, discussions are underway about bringing Prism into the .NET Foundation. This change of ownership means that future releases of Prism will be developed by the new team, not by Microsoft.

You can read about the Prism team’s plans on their official announcement. Be sure to star their repos and show them your support. We’re excited about Prism’s future.

Christopher Bennage (@bennage), a member of the Microsoft patterns & practices team, with a focus on developer guidance.


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