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Uninstalling Yontoo Desktop

Uninstalling Yontoo Desktop


Yontoo Desktop is installed on your machine. You should uninstall it. This program poses a moderate threat to your PC.


Yontoo provides uninstall steps on their website. If you have trouble with those steps, they have a contact form that you can use to request help.

Additional Yontoo Uninstall Information

YontooDesktop has multiple versions. You can learn more about how to uninstall YontooDesktop on the Microsoft Malware Protection pages for YontooDesktop:

· Adware:MSIL/Yontoo

· Adware:Win32/Yontoo

· Trojan:Win32/Lowzones.DZ

You can contact Microsoft for help if the suggested instructions do not help you remove Yontoo Desktop.

Other ways to protect your machines

Microsoft provides free tools to remove viruses and unwanted software such as Yontoo Desktop. On Windows 8, you can use Windows Defender. Otherwise, you can install Microsoft Security Essentials. You can also use the Microsoft Safety Scanner, for a quick scan of your machine.


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