Notes from the ASP.NET Community Standup –January 24, 2017

Maria Naggaga

This is the next in a series of blog posts that will cover the topics discussed in the ASP.NET Community Standup. The community standup is a short video-based discussion with some of the leaders of the ASP.NET development teams covering the accomplishments of the team on the new ASP.NET Core framework over the previous week. Join Scott HanselmanDamian EdwardsJon Galloway and an occasional guest or two discuss new features and ask for feedback on important decisions being made by the ASP.NET development teams.

Each week the standup is hosted live on Google Hangouts and the team publishes the recorded video of their discussion to YouTube for later reference. The guys answer your questions LIVE and unfiltered. This is your chance to ask about the why and what of ASP.NET! Join them each Tuesday on where the meeting’s schedule is posted and hosted.

Quick Note: Scott Hanselman will be doing a blog post on the Docker 3 hour ASP.NET Community Standup from 1/17/17.  We will add a link to his post as soon as it is available.

ASP.NET Community Standup 1/24/2017

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Questions and Answers

Question:  What is the release status for Kestrel?

—  Kestrel has been out for a while we released 1.0 in June 2016, 1.1 November 2016,  and we are working on 1.1.1 and 1.4 servicing release for LTS and current due in February.

Question:  Can you share success stories of customers using ASP.NET Core for large traffic websites?

— We do know of customers who have deployed it successfully.  However, we don’t have any that we can share publicly.

Question:  Is it safe to use Kestrel in production ?

—  Yes it is safe to use Kestrel in production.  However, we don’t recommend Kestrel being used as an edge server(don’t use it directly exposed to the internet).

Question:  Is ASP.NET Core supported in Visual Studio 2013?

— No, ASP.NET Core is not supported in Visual Studio 2013.  Today, ASP.NET Core  is supported in Visual Studio 2015 using  project.json tooling and Visual Studio 2017 using csproj tooling.

Question: What is the recommendation for doing ASP.NET Core authentication?

— In a post by Mike Rousos he goes over in detail  how to get started with ASP.NET Core Authentication using IdentityServer4.

Our next standup will be on February 7.  Thanks for watching, and happy coding!


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