Notes from the ASP.NET Community Standup – August 30, 2016

Jeffrey Fritz

This is the next in a series of blog posts that will cover the topics discussed in the ASP.NET Community Standup. The community standup is a short video-based discussion with some of the leaders of the ASP.NET development teams covering the accomplishments of the team on the new ASP.NET Core framework over the previous week. Within 30 minutes, Scott HanselmanDamian EdwardsJon Galloway and an occasional guest or two discuss new features and ask for feedback on important decisions being made by the ASP.NET development teams. Each week the standup is hosted live on Google Hangouts and the team publishes the recorded video of their discussion to YouTube for later reference. The guys answer your questions LIVE and unfiltered. This is your chance to ask about the why and what of ASP.NET! Join them each Tuesday on where the meeting’s schedule is posted and hosted. This week’s meeting is below:

Today Crystal Qian and Justin Kotalik, interns with the ASP.NET Core team for the past 12 weeks joined the standup to talk about their experience and to demonstrate some of the cool stuff they’ve been working on with the team.  But first…

Radu Matei shows how to register a list of services from a JSON file – handy for testing or runtime DI configuration. Jon Hilton continues a series on building a .NET Core application completely from the command line with a look at publishing. Andrew Lock shows how to set the hosting environment for ASP.NET Core from Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, operating system settings, and command line. Dmitry Sikorsky introduces Platformus CMS, a new CMS written on ASP.NET Core and ExtCore. Nice, thorough walkthrough by Bipin Joshi explaining how to configure ASP.NET Core Identity. Damien Bowden shows how to log to Elasticsearch from an ASP.NET Core application using NLog. Muhammad Rehan Saeed explains NGINX principles and configuration in the context of ASP.NET Core deployment. Taiseer Joudeh begins a series explaining how he used Azure Active Directory B2C in a large web / service / mobile application, including ASP.NET Web API 2 and ASP.NET MVC. Benjamin Fistein demonstrates how the Peachpie compiler can be used to compile PHP applications and run them in an ASP.NET Core application. Anuraj Parameswaran shows how to configure NancyFx in an empty ASP.NET Core application. Andrew Lock takes a look at how JWT Bearer Auth Middleware is implemented in ASP.NET Core as a means to understanding authentication in the framework in general. Bill Boga points out an important gotcha if you’re writing middleware that modifies the response content. Damien Bowden shows how to use MySQL with ASP.NET Core and EF Core. Nicolas Bello Camilletti explains the components included in JavaScriptServices. Mads Kristensen announces a new project template pack for ASP.NET Core applications. Donovan Brown points out an important environment variable to speed up .NET Core installation on build servers. Bill Boga shows off a configuration provider for GPS location tracking. Fun post, and great way to learn about configuration providers. Damien Bowden shows how to implement undo, redo functionality in an ASP.NET Core application using EF and SQL Server. Maher Jendoubi explores upcoming changes to DI integration in ASP.NET Core 1.1, showing how some popular 3rd party continers will be registered. Scott Allen shows how he’s been creating extension methods to move code out of his Startup.cs. Hisham Bin Ateya shows how to use custom middleware to prevent external sites from displaying your site’s images. Norm Johanson announces ASP.NET Core support on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio. Chris Sells describes the existing support for ASP.NET in Google Cloud Platform and lays out the plans for future ASP.NET Core support. Here’s a useful library from Federico Daniel Colombo that makes it easy to add auditing to your ASP.NET applications.

Intern Accomplishments

Justin lead off by showing his work on writing a URL rewrite middleware module for ASP.NET Core.  He found that there are three common approaches that are used to rewrite URLs:

  • Syntax from Apache mod-rewrite
  • Syntax from the IIS rewrite module
  • Translate using regular expressions to identify and replace content in the URL You can find his work on GitHub at Crystal then showed her work in making ViewComponents into TagHelpers.  She demonstrated an initial ViewComponent that turned a photo of our program manager Dan Roth into an ANSI image.  Along the way, she showed the shortcomings of using a ViewComponent such as a lack of intellisense and parameter hints.  With a Crystal’s enhancement, you can reference your ViewComponents using a tag with a “vc” namespace and translated to lower-kabob case. You can track Crystal’s work as part of addressing MVC issue 1051. The work featured in this video will be shipping with the next release version of ASP.NET Core.


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