New tutorial for migrating applications with membership and User Profile information from Universal Providers to ASP.NET Identity


ASP.NET Identity is the new membership system for building ASP.NET applications. To learn more about ASP.NET Identity, please visit 

The new tutorial explains how to migrate an application that uses Universal Providers for user and role management to the new ASP.NET Identity system. The tutorial also focuses on migrating user profile data created using Universal Providers. The approach mentioned to migrate profile data can be used in applications with SQL membership as well. In Universal Providers, the profile data is stored as serialized xml or binary data. Post migration, the profile data can be accessed as properties on the user class. Also serializing/de serializing profile information for each database transaction is prevented. 

Once the migration is completed, you can use the new features available in Identity: you can let users log in through their Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft accounts, use OWIN authentication middleware, integrate user profile and application data, and so on. Feedback is welcome and do let us know if you hit issues during migration!


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