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  • Mike Meinz 0

    2021-04 .Net Core 3.1.14 Update for x64 Client

    Windows Update fails with status message: “Download error – 0x80070643”

    Still fails after running WURESET.BAT

    • Mark Smith 0

      My windows updates are broken today with this error. I tried hard but couldn’t fix it.

      • Eujian Keen 0

        I am having the same issues as well. I tried multiple methods that I could find on the internet to fix this issue but none worked

        • Dario Ciprut 0

          So did I. No success and Windows Update retry does not help. I noticed my camera did not work anymore either.
          However I doubt the problem could be related.

      • Tony Liu 0

        you may try –

        remove all versions of .net core > 3.1.408
        and reinstall dotnet-sdk-3.1.408-win-x64.exe
        it works for me after multiple tries of windows update failures.

        • Connor Nee 0

          Resolved part of the issue for me but still get it for the 2021-04 .NET 5.0.5 Update for X64 Client

    • Dario Ciprut 0

      Well, I experience exactly the same problem :
      2021-04 .NET Core 3.1.14 Update for x64 Client – Erreur 0x80070643
      Apparently we are all stuck with no suggestion to repair or backtrack.

  • Exames Toxicológicos 0

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