ML.NET Model Builder Updates

Bri Achtman

ML.NET is a cross-platform, machine learning framework for .NET developers, and Model Builder is the UI tooling in Visual Studio that uses Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) to easily allow you to train and consume custom ML.NET models. With ML.NET and Model Builder, you can create custom machine learning models for scenarios like sentiment analysis, price prediction, and more without any machine learning experience!

ML.NET Model Builder

This release of Model Builder comes with bug fixes and two exciting new features:

  • Image classification scenario – locally train image classification models with your own images
  • Try your model – make predictions on sample input data right in the UI

Image Classification Scenario

We showed off this feature in .NET Conf to classify the weather in images as either sunny, cloudy, or rainy, and now you can locally train image classification models in Model Builder with your own images!

Image classification scenario in Model Builder

For example, say you have a dataset of images of dogs and cats, and you want to use those images to train an ML.NET model that classifies new images as “dog” or “cat.”

Your dataset must contain a parent folder with labelled subfolders for each category (e.g. a folder called Animals that contains two sub-folders: one named Dog, which contains training images of dogs, and one named Cat, which contains training images of cats):

Example Folder Structure

You can use the Next Steps code and projects generated by Model Builder to easily consume the trained image classification model in your end-user application, just like with text scenarios.

Try Your Model

After training a model in Model Builder, you can use the model to make predictions on sample input right in the UI for both text and image scenarios.

For instance, for the dog vs. cat image classification example, you could input an image and see the results in the Evaluate step of Model Builder:

Image try it out

If you have a text scenario, like price prediction for taxi fare, you can also input sample data in the Try your model section:

Text try it out

Give Us Your Feedback

If you run into any issues, feel that something is missing, or really love something about ML.NET Model Builder, let us know by creating an issue in our GitHub repo.

Model Builder is still in Preview, and your feedback is super important in driving the direction we take with this tool!

Get Started with Model Builder

You can download ML.NET Model Builder in the VS Marketplace (or in the Extensions menu of Visual Studio).

Learn more in the ML.NET Docs or get started with this tutorial.

Not currently using Visual Studio? Try out the ML.NET CLI (image classification not yet implemented).


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