Library Manager Released in 15.8

Justin Clareburt (MSFT)

Microsoft Library Manager (LibMan) is now available in the general release of Visual Studio 2017 as of v15.8. LibMan first previewed earlier this year, and now, after a much-anticipated wait, LibMan is available in the stable release of Visual Studio 2017 bundled as a default component in the ASP.NET and web development workload.

In the announcement about the preview, we showed off the LibMan manifest (libman.json), providers for filesystem and CDNJS, and the menu options for Restore, Clean and Enable Restore-on-Build. Included as part of the release in v15.8 we’ve also added: – a new dialog for adding library files – a new library provider (UnPkg) – the LibMan CLI (cross-platform DotNet global tool)

What is LibMan?

LibMan is a tool that helps to find common client-side library files and add them to your web project. If you need to pull JavaScript or CSS files into your project from libraries like jQuery or bootstrap, you can use LibMan to search various global providers to find and download the files you need.

Library Manager in Visual Studio

To learn more about LibMan, refer to the official Microsoft Docs: Client-side library acquisition in ASP.NET Core with LibMan.

What’s new?

New dialog for adding library files

We’ve added tooling inside Visual Studio to add library files to a web project. Inside a web project, you can right-click any folder (or the project root) and select Add–>Client-Side Library… This will launch the Add Client-Side Library dialog, which provides a convenient interface for browsing the libraries and files available in various providers, as well as setting the target location for files in your project.

LibMan Add Files Dialog

New Provider: UnPkg

Along with CDNJS and FileSystem, we’ve built an UnPkg provider. Based on the website, which sits on top of the npm repo, the UnPkg provider opens access to many more libraries than just those referenced by the CDNJS catalogue.

LibMan CLI available on NuGet

Timed with the release of Visual Studio 2017 v15.8, the LibMan command line interface (CLI) has been developed as a global tool for the DotNet CLI and is now available on NuGet. Look for Microsoft.Web.LibraryManager.Cli

You can install the LibMan CLI with the following command:

> dotnet tool install -g Microsoft.Web.LibraryManager.Cli

The CLI is cross-platform, so you’ll be able to use it anywhere that .NET Core is supported (Windows, Mac, Linux). You can perform a variety of LibMan operations including install, update, and restore, plus local cache management.

LibMan CLI example

To learn more about the LibMan CLI, see the blog post: LibMan CLI Release or refer to the official Microsoft Docs: Use the LibMan command-line interface (CLI) with ASP.NET Core

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