Learn to build applications with F#

Jon Galloway

You might be completely new to .NET, or a seasoned C# / VB.NET developer who wants to expand their horizons. Either way, F# is a great language to learn.

F# makes it easy to write succinct, robust, and performant code. It has a lightweight syntax that requires very little code to build software. It’s backed by a powerful type system, convenient standard library, and .NET runtime that you can trust to build mission-critical software that is correct, fast, and reliable.

If you’re interested in getting started, this is the perfect time – we’ve got a lot of fresh videos, courses, and more to help you get started today.

Getting started

If you’re just getting started with F#, we’ve got some great content to get you started!

Let’s Learn .NET: F#

Let’s Learn .NET is a monthly series of beginner friendly courses to teach you the basics. In Let’s Learn .NET: F#, Luis Quintanilla and Jayme Singleton walk through the the basics of F# in two hours, with simple explanations and Q&A from live viewers.

Get a quick start Microsoft Learn

You can get a quick start on F# fundamentals using the self guided, interactive learning modules at Microsoft Learn.

The team has just launched a new F# Learning Path that makes it easy to learn the fundamentals.

Check out our updated Learn F# content list

We’ve updated the .NET Learning Center with lots of great learning resources for F#. Don’t miss the new Beginner’s Series to F#!

Explore the world of F# with .NET Conf: Focus on F

.NET Conf: Focus on F# was a broadcasted on July 29, 2021, and included an amazing lineup of F# experts and content. 9 hours of presentations covering a broad range of F# content from industry leaders? It’s all here!

Go deeper with .NET Live TV interviews

.NET Live TV broadcasts five days a week, covering the latest .NET technologies, frameworks, and libraries. During July, a number of the shows covered F# topics, leading up to our .NET Conf: Focus on F# and Let’s Learn .NET: F# events. These shows include a lot of interesting deep dives into F# topics, with interviews and live Q&A with industry leaders.


It’s always great to expand your horizons as a programmer by learning a new language, and F# is a great choice for both practical application as well as just expanding the way you approach programming. I hope you’ll take advantage of some of this fresh content to learn F# and get started today!


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