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Jeff King made a recent post to show off the new JScript IntelliSense feature in the March CTP of Visual Studio. Now I am going to show off the improved JScript Debugging experience in the March CTP.

The first thing you will notice is that when you try to debug an IE page, VS will give you a nice little dialog reminding you to turn on script debugging in IE:


Here is the Advance tab in IE:


After you’ve turned on script debugging in IE, you can set a breakpoint in your ASPX document right away!

You might notice a little diamond inside the breakpoint glyph and wonder what that means. The little diamond indicates this is a mapped breakpoint. This breakpoint will get mapped automatically to the run-time document when you debug the page (F5).


Debug the page (F5) and VS will pause at the breakpoint:


If you look closely, the execution actually paused in the run-time document instead of the design-time document:

You can set breakpoints in the run-time document and they will get saved back to the design-time document. No Problem!


You can switch between your design-time and run-time documents easily in the Solution Explorer:


You can examine an object’s data when the execution is paused. The type information is much richer than in Visual Web Developer 2005:

Visual Web Developer 2005 


Visual Web Developer Orcas


Not only can you see the real types of the objects but also the methods:


Plus you can navigate the DOM more easily:


Still feel like something is still missing? How about visualizers for reading long text:




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