IntelliSense for appsettings.json

James Newton-King

The appsettings.json file is a common way to configure .NET apps. ASP.NET Core uses appsettings.json and appsettings.${Environment}.json files to configure some of its most frequently used features, including:

  • Database connection strings
  • Kestrel endpoints
  • HTTPS certificates
  • Logging
  • Host filtering

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code (with C# extension 1.23.8 or later) now support IntelliSense of well known appsettings.json configuration settings. IntelliSense allows you to quickly edit your app’s configuration and get immediate feedback on available properties or typos.

IntelliSense for appsettings.json in action:

Image appsettings schema

There isn’t anything you need to do to enable this feature. Try it out today! Happy coding.


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  • Nikola Petrovic 0

    This is a great addition! Are json schemas behind this feature perhaps?

  • Danstur 0

    That’s a great start.

    Given that many applications store many of their own settings in the app settings file it’d be great if the schema could be open source so that it could be used as the basis for our custom files.

    I’ve written (or generated) my own schema files in the past that only included the most important settings that I was aware of and having a complete up to date file would be tremendously useful.

  • Adrien Clerbois 0

    Hi James,

    Awesome feature!

    Is there a way to expand the supported features ?


    Adrien C.

  • Андрій Чебукін 0

    What about Azure Functions? LocalSettings.json

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