Get This Fantastic Book about .NET Memory Management!


If you are reading my blog chances are you care about .NET memory performance, most likely a lot.

Our GC source is on github for anyone to look at. If you are curious enough, you could absolutely learn a lot about our GC by cloning our coreclr repo, building it, and stepping through the GC code under a debugger (that’s how I really learned details of the GC code when I took over the GC development).

Apparently one of our customers did just that. Last year our Polish office contacted me and asked if I could review a .NET GC book Konrad Kokosa was writing. Of course I said Yes!

I spent many hours reviewing – the most I had ever spent reviewing any book (I made about 1500 edits/comments) because this was the first book that’s completely dedicated to just .NET memory management. Of course Konrad spent many times more time writing it. It was a lot of work. Writing a book, especially a book on such a technical topic in this amount of detail, is a LOT of work.

There are many chapters to talk about the inner workings of our GC, ie, how the GC allocator and each GC phase work. Plus fundamentals of memory and coding patterns you can use to make memory usage more efficient (which was why it was renamed from .NET GC to .NET Memory Management). So this is an ideal book for our customers.

Last week it was officially made available at If you haven’t gotten it yet, I think you should 🙂


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