First .NET Port Award

Immo Landwerth

Recently, we shared quite a bit how we make progress on our open source journey (Roslyn’s First Year of Open Source and .NET Core Open Source Update). We all feel highly privileged to be on the .NET team when all of this awesomeness happens!

However, unless you’re an active contributor on any of our OSS projects, you probably didn’t have the opportunity to experience this first hand.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it. Geoff Norton, whom some of you probably know as kangaroo, did a talk at .NET Fringe about his experience on porting CoreCLR to OS X.

Community Thanks!

You probably noticed that the Roslyn team (thanks to the work of Kasey Uhlenhuth) sends out mugs for accepted pull requests:

When asked by the crowd, Geoff shared that he hadn’t been given anything for his efforts: no mug, no shirt, no thank-you, not even a sticker. Little did he know that we came very well prepared to .NET Fringe.

Since we knew that Geoff would attend .NET Fringe we decided that we’ll take this conference as an opportunity to give out the first .NET Port Award: a SHA1 port glass, paired with a bottle of port, awarded in Portland. A match made in heaven!

Sad to have missed out on the fun? You can watch the recording of the award ceremony on Channel 9:

Wait — OS X isn’t the only port!

Totally true! In fact, there are three ports in progress right now:

  • OS X
  • Linux
  • FreeBSD

Want to port CoreCLR to something else? File an issue on CoreCLR to get the conversation started!


Our community member Geoffrey Huntley pointed out that several more ports are already in-progress:

  • Solaris, OpenIndiana and SmartOS

  • AmgiaOS, Alpine and Lilblue

  • POWER (AIX [and|or] Linux) @ IBM will provide access to beefy hardware at no charge. See this page for more details.

  • NetBSD/OpenBSD do not currently work on Microsoft Azure but the FreeBSD port team have virtual machines deployed and ready for whomever wants to step up to the challenge.

  • FreeBSD @ github and directly in Gitter (we are spread between multiple timezones)

If hacking on the CoreCLR is of interest then please introduce yourself over at Gitter.


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