Expression Web 1.0 Released, Perfect Companion to Visual Studio

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Here’s a quick announcement about the release of Expression Web 1.0.

If you use Visual Studio 2003 or 2005 to build ASP.NET applications, Expression Web is the perfect companion tool to help you create sophisticated CSS and XHTML designs.  You might be thinking — “I use Visual Studio in combination with Adobe Dreamweaver just fine.  Why is Expression Web a better option?”  Well the most compelling reason that comes to my mind is its fantastic support for ASP.NET 2.0 controls and its seamless interoperabiltiy with Visual Studio.  Beyond those two very useful capabilities, Expression Web 1.0 stacks up extremely well on a feature-by-feature basis with Dreamweaver.

 I highly encourage anyone doing ASP.NET development to check it out.


Expression Web 1.0 Website

— Omar (Group Program Manager, WebDevTools Team)


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