Announcing .NET MAUI for .NET 7 General Availability

David Ortinau

Six short months ago we introduced you to .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) and today we are excited to announce the general availability of .NET MAUI in our next major release, .NET 7. Our primary work in .NET MAUI during this shortened timeframe has been on addressing your top feedback reports, improving the performance of CollectionView, and introducing desktop features as we have expanded your reach beyond mobile to desktop. This release accompanies the release of Visual Studio 17.4, and the first .NET MAUI features have graduated from preview to stable release on Mac.

.NET MAUI for .NET 7 is supported through May of 2024. This includes a 6-month overlap with support for .NET MAUI for .NET 6 through May of 2023. .NET MAUI support includes the .NET MAUI framework as well as the .NET SDKs for Android, CarPlay, iOS, macOS, Mac Catalyst, and tvOS.

You, the .NET customers and ecosystem contributors have also been hard at work building new applications with .NET MAUI, and modernizing old SDKs and libraries to be .NET compatible. Join us for the State of .NET MAUI presentation today on the .NET Conf 2022 livestream where we will highlight and celebrate all this progress.

screenshots of maui features

.NET MAUI 7 Themes

This release addresses top feedback issues and introduces new features for desktop developers. The top feedback theme from you has been a strong desire to see the quality of the toolkit itself improved. To that end, this release includes many fixes to the fundamentals of UI controls and layouts.

Here are some other highlights:

Map Control

In this release we are shipping the .NET MAUI Map control, updated from Xamarin.Forms. Like our other UI controls, this is a cross-platform abstraction of the native map control provided by each platform. Map supports pins, custom pins, drawing polygons, polylines, and circles, geocoding and geolocation, and also launching the native map application on the device you’re running.

Mobile Rendering Performance

.NET MAUI for .NET 7 is even faster than .NET 6 after 6 short months. We have optimized the rendering path for basic views, and addressed several issues that were impacting the smoothness of scrolling in the CollectionView list control. Jonathan Peppers will share an in-depth review of these improvements in an upcoming blog post.

Desktop Enhancements

We have been working closely with companies building desktop applications using .NET MAUI, and were able to include some enhancements based on their use cases including:

  • Window size and position
  • Context Menus
  • Tooltips
  • Pointer hover gesture
  • Right-click

And more

These are only the highlights.

We’d like to thank all of you who contributed to this release with your issue reports, pull requests, and thoughtful feedback. Thank you!

You’ll discover more in our release notes, documentation, and samples.

Compatibility Notes

.NET MAUI 7 is compatible with:

  • Android API 33
  • Tizen 7.0
  • Xcode 14.0.1 (iOS 16)
  • WinUI 1.1.5

Xcode 14.1 was released during our final QA cycle, so we will be adding .NET support in an upcoming service release. For immediate usage of Xcode 14.1 you may access builds from our public build pipeline.

Get Started

Aquire .NET MAUI and .NET 7 by installing Visual Studio 17.4. When creating a new .NET MAUI or .NET client application (Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS), select .NET 7 from the framework selector.

Upgrading from .NET 6

To upgrade your projects from .NET 6 to .NET 7, open your csproj file and change the target framework monikers (TFM) from 6 to 7.


<TargetFrameworks Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOSPlatform('windows')) and '$(MSBuildRuntimeType)' == 'Full'">$(TargetFrameworks);net6.0-windows10.0.19041</TargetFrameworks>


<TargetFrameworks Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOSPlatform('windows')) and '$(MSBuildRuntimeType)' == 'Full'">$(TargetFrameworks);net7.0-windows10.0.19041</TargetFrameworks>


We guide our investments in .NET MAUI based on your input. Here’s how you can make an impact.

  1. File new SDK issues on GitHub in the dotnet/maui repo
  2. Add a reaction to existing issues that you’re also impacted by
  3. Use the Visual Studio Feedback option to submit issues related to editing, intellisense, debugging, hot reload, hot restart, remote mac, etc.


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  • Saiu Fantasy 0
    Unhandled exception: Microsoft.NET.Sdk.WorkloadManifestReader.WorkloadManifestCompositionException: 清单“wasm-tools”[] 中的工作负载定义“/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk-manifests/7.0.100/”与清单“”[/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk-manifests/7.0.100/] 冲突

    what happend! l update vs for mac ,and update .net version to 7.then l can run my maui app.

    and dotnet workload install /update/ repair all not work.

    • MarcMicrosoft employee 1

      Please run dotnet –info and uninstall any preview .NET 7 SDKs you may have still installed on your machine. See this for more info

    • Felipe Perin 0

      Try deleting the bin and obj folders

  • Jens Jährig 11
    • XAML hot reload is completely not working now
    • Live visual tree with „just my code“ shows nothing
    • live visual tree shows only the win ui Visual tree, not the “virtual” Maui visual tree

    This happens in a completely NEW created maui app!

    I wish I could travel back in time and build our app on a different UI technology :’-(

    Not to mention the amount of bugs in controls/rendering.

    You guys really need to improve your quality control. Xamarin/Maui is the worst dev experience I’ve ever had.

    I see why Microsoft puts so little effort into it.
    There is no way they benefit from the developed apps, compared to android studio, Xcode or Flutter, which earn money by apps sold in the android store.

    Everyone I’ve talked with and is doing advanced apps in Xamarin/Maui would be happily willing to pay a licence fee, if we eventually would get a good quality for that.

    PS: i cannot say how many open bug reports i currently have for vs and xamarin/maui. Which are not fixed, nor worked at. My colleagues completely gave up on reporting bugs for xamrin/maui, because they know, that they don’t get fixed. I’m the last one of my team and i’m on the brink giving it up too.

    • David OrtinauMicrosoft employee 0

      Jens, this sounds like .NET 7 and the .NET MAUI tools didn’t get properly installed with Visual Studio. Please report your issue through Visual Studio feedback. Also I’d like to connect on your development pain and understand how I might be able to help. My email is

      • anonymous 0

        This comment has been deleted.

    • Yoann Young 0

      Same problem. This problem has been bothering me for a month. It hasn’t been resolved yet!

    • Alexey Gvozdikov 1

      I’m surprised people dare to jump on .NET Core at all. Why you cannot live on FW??? What Core gives you what you didn’t have under FW? Don’t say it’s “multiplatform”, because it’s marketoid BS.

    • Jan Seriš 3

      I have the same experience. Since April 2022, I’ve been just filling new and new bug reports on MAUI and the team doesn’t seem to have capacity to fix them at all and moreover new bugs are still appearing.
      MAUI is my worst developing experience in C#. You cannot rely on anything in MAUI because everything can be broken. In a lot of cases, the functionality was documented but did not work in practice. That is unacceptable. I filled bug reports in MAUI repo for all of that. Now I saw a fix for one of my bugs from May 2022 released, bravo. 59 remaining.

    • Joel Jesus 0

      I read this comment and almost regretted starting to study this technology, but think about it and continue because obviously all new technology has its flaws. I also have a lot of trust in Microsoft technologies because frameworks like speak for themselves in the quality of their development products.I know my English is not perfect.

  • wei wei 1

    Whether MAUI can support EXE and Win7 to run, there are still many users using the Win7 system, you can’t give up these users. maui I have been looking forward to a long time but after the release but I was a little disappointed, not being able to run exe and not supporting win7 users is the biggest regret.

    • Alexey Gvozdikov 1

      Dropping Win7 and pushing everybody on Win1* is the biggest fail of Nadella. Hope this clown will be kicked out of MS.

  • Schmidt, Helmut 3

    Unfortunately the developer experience has been less than stellar with MAUI, even since .Net 6 and I can’t claim it as gotten any better with .Net 7 as I had hoped.
    Even with VS 17.4, Intellisense & code completion are very slow. I have started the same block of using-statements into any new class I create since it takes around 10 seconds per missing using, before VS would suggest and insert it.

    Opening a Xamarin solution, everything loads instantly faster. I don’t know what has happened with MAUI integration in Visual Studio but I hope it gets better soon.

    There were also weird visual errors after the Update, like duplicated FlyoutItems on UWP that weren’t there with .Net 6.

    Unfortunately we didn’t notice any improved performance of our app so far.

    • David OrtinauMicrosoft employee 0

      Please submit those VS feedback reports so we can troubleshoot.

    • anonymous 0

      this comment has been deleted.

  • Stevie White 4


    Unfortunately, I am going to have to echo the complaints about the developer experience for MAUI from the others. It feels like the Maui section of dot net conf didn’t bestow the best confidence in my mind; yes, the stories were good, but I felt like you and the rest of the team were not as enthusiastic about the product compared to Daniel Roth’s clear amount of enthusiasm for Blazor.

    Don’t get me wrong; my team switched from Uno to MAUI recently, and we HAVE noticed the productivity gains. However, there is still something that isn’t right with it compared to the rest of the dot net stack. I guess if anything, our biggest fear is that the gains we’ve noticed in your teams’ efforts to get it up… we’re hoping those gains do not diminish in the coming years and we HOPE that MS has your back in keeping the work going on MAUI to make it a wonderful experience in VS. 🙂

    • David OrtinauMicrosoft employee 1

      Nobody can beat Dan Roth’s enthusiasm. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’ve seen productivity gains. As you do see things “not quite right” that we can investigate, of course file those feedback reports. Improving quality is our top objective release over release. Thanks for your support and feedback!

  • Alexey Gritsenko 2

    any news about Migration assistant for Xamarin projects?

    • 상천 이 1

      I’ve been testing maui net7.0 for two weeks,,,
      It’s hard because what used to work well is full of errors and problems…
      I can’t solve the linq connection on the specialty andoid side,,, it’s too hard.

      Error message,,,provider: SSL Provider, error: 31 – Encryption(ssl/tls) handshake failed

      Can’t you upgrade the server side and also upgrade the db?

      sql connect, which worked well in xamarine, gives an ssl/tls error in maui .net7. In Windows, the constellation is connected, but only the andoid side gives an error.
      Eggs too hard to go back to xamarine again.

      • Asraful Alam 0

        I am new in Maui and also facing the same challenges. Could you please share some tutorials to connect with ms SQL on the specialty android side

  • David Pruitt 5

    Still no XAML designer?

  • Chuck Condron 1

    I briefly used Xamarin way back around 2013 or so, before it was a Microsoft product. Looking forward to trying MAUI…I am also looking into Swift… Do you know of any books that are out or will be out that will cover MAUI?

  • Marcin J 3

    I’m one of those developers who are waiting for MAUI to be stable / bugs free enough to start migrating Xamarin Forms apps to it.
    At the moment, I don’t think it’s stable enough (XF works fine at the same time) so while waiting I’ll try another framework (Flutter or React Native) so at least I can have “plan B” if nothing will change here.


    I m also wait for stable of maui. but it still more issues. now i m trying android studio from this week for better quality. hope Maui team soon resolve all priority bugs and we start migrate our xamarin projects.

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