David Ortinau

Principal Product Manager, .NET Multi-platform App UI

David is a Principal Product Manager for .NET at Microsoft, focused on .NET MAUI. A .NET developer since 2002, and versed in a range of programming languages, David has developed web, environmental, and mobile experiences for a wide variety of industries. After several successes with tech startups and running his own software company, David joined Microsoft to follow his passion: crafting tools that help developers create better app experiences. When not at a computer or with his family, David is running through the woods.

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Introducing .NET MAUI – One Codebase, Many Platforms

Welcome to .NET Multi-platform App UI. This release marks a new milestone in our multi-year journey to unify the .NET platform. Now you and over 5 million other .NET developers have a first-class, cross-platform UI stack targeting Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows to complement the .NET toolchain (SDK) and base class library (BCL). You can ...

.NET MAUI Release Candidate 3

.NET MAUI Release Candidate 3 is now available with dozens of bug fixes and quality improvements. We also take a look at navigating with Shell including passing parameters and full objects.

.NET MAUI Release Candidate 2 – With 100% More Tizen

.NET MAUI Release Candidate 2 is now available with dozens of bug fixes full support for Tizen. Get started today to build app for Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS.

.NET MAUI Release Candidate – Ready for cross-platform app development

.NET MAUI Release Candidate is now feature complete, API stable for the upcoming GA release. Get started today to build app for Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS.

Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 14

.NET MAUI Preview 14 has shipped with plenty of great new features to try out including a hefty volume of issue resolutions and completed features, and one new feature that will be a welcome addition for desktop developers: the MenuBar!

Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 13

.NET MAUI Preview 13 has shipped with more controls, layout updates, and performance improvements.

Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 12

.NET MAUI Preview 12 has shipped with lots of quality improvements, plus new features for Shell and dependency injection.

Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 11

.NET MAUI Preview 11 continues to stabilize controls and layouts, and introduces multi-window and Fluent updates for Windows.

Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 10

.NET MAUI Preview 10 includes a single installation experience with Windows App SDK, and new controls such as CollectionView and IndicatorView.

Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 9

The next .NET MAUI preview is now available with borders, corners, and shadows - oh my!