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Katie Savage

We recently announced the launch of the new Foundational C# Certification in collaboration with freeCodeCamp. To celebrate, we are hosting six office-hour style live streaming events to help you succeed. In each session, expert presenters will review the training course, walkthrough examples, and answer questions.

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Join us live for an upcoming session, the live streams will be September 20 to October 25, every Wednesday at 2:00 pm UTC.

  1. September 20, Write your first code using C# with Cam Soper and David Pine
  2. September 27, Create and run simple C# console applications with Mattias Karlsson and Mark Allan
  3. October 4, Add logic to C# console applications with Filip Ekberg and Iris Classon
  4. October 11, Work with variable data in C# console applications with Daniel Gomez and Paul Bullock
  5. October 18, Create methods in C# console applications with Nitish Kumar and Aditya Oberai
  6. October 25, Debug C# console applications with Didou Rebai and Clifford Agius

You will always be able to find all of the sessions at https://aka.ms/learnlive-get-started-with-csharp

First Session Available On-demand Now

The first session is now available on-demand! Watch Cam and David as they introduce you to the series and guide you through writing your first C# code.

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Catch the series in another language

The series is also running with community members in Korea, China, and Taiwan. Check out the events below:

About the Foundational C# Certification

At the end of August, we announced the Foundational C# Certification created by freeCodeCamp and Microsoft. The certification covers the foundations of C# with a robust training course developed by Microsoft and a certification exam developed by freeCodeCamp. The entire catalog of content and the exam are completely free and globally available.

Keep up to date

Stay tuned for more .NET learning opportunities! Be sure to follow the .NET YouTube and Microsoft Reactor YouTube for even more developer events.


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  • Mystery Man 1

    I noticed a significant flaw in every contemporary C# training material available: They have an overt emphasis on the beginning of the journey but have nothing about finishing it. They teach syntax, the most commonly used API, console apps, maybe Windows Forms apps, and debugging, but that’s it. A C# graduate student has no idea how to convert her C# app from something that runs with the F5 key in Visual Studio to something that runs from a shortcut on the Start menu. This student cannot answer my questions about delegates, events, and their timing. The same student cannot alter the order of principal events in a drag-and-drop operation.

    • Muhamed Karajić 1

      I think the main take away is a simple course which is beginner friendly. I agree with you parcticality is not focused but for me as someone who did tons of starting tutorials and has a few years of experience I think thats the netural progression. Practical creation is put behind in favor of focusing on main building blocks. However I agree with you it might be a nice approach also to allow students to understand how to really put something useful into production and from there work on additional things. I just think that you, in my oppinion, have a too big expectations for a beginner course.

  • Vladimir Shchur 1

    Where to find the F# certification?

    • Muhamed Karajić 0

      Thats an excelent question. Guess C# dominates in popularity hehe.

  • funcelot 2

    I successfully achieved “Foundational C# Certification” and got the certification. This course was really easy to apply and complete with freecodecamp.org because there are a lot of detailed instructions and practice sessions so it was very easy to get 93.5% in the first pass. I appreciate effort all teams made this possible and it is very inspirational to me to refresh my outdated certification TS: MCTS on Windows Forms 2.0 back in 2008. I feel this exam is just like a 25% of what I did in the past, but surprisingly it is requires a lot of practice with modern IDE and tools like Visual Studio Code which I actually had, so it is definitely a course to recommend anyone to achieve without any exclusions, if you have bachelor degree and some languages like C/C++ or C# are familiar to you this course is definitely for you! Keep it up!

  • Maximilien Noal 2

    I’m waiting for the “C# advanced super expert certification”. 🙂

    • lolo Blint 0

      How to Hire C# Developers: the Full Guide of Tips and Tricks

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