Cloud Gal interview


Microsoft recently started a new series called “Cloud Gal” that promotes female software developers. They interviewed me last week and the episode just became live on Channel9. This was supposed to be pretty lighthearted so I stayed very high level when I talked about GC (turned out it was harder to talk on such high level than otherwise). It also included some non GC stuff (yes, I can talk about non GC stuff too…) like cats, anime and my thoughts on women in tech. If you are in the mood of something that’s not focused on pure technical info, might be fun to watch. I would suggest to skip the introduction part – due to a communication error I thought I was only on air after the interviewer was done with her initial monologue so there was a bunch of emotionlessness at the beginning 😛 In any case, it was a lot of fun to do an interview of a very different nature from what I’m used to. I would be thrilled if this is helpful in any way; if not, well, it’s still good to see cat pictures.


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