Tim Heuer

Principal Product Manager, .NET and Visual Studio

Tim has been working as a software developer with Microsoft technologies for years, having specialized in emerging technologies and UI frameworks. As a self-taught developer, he appreciates the passion for learning and sharing with others to help everyone be successful in their quest for successful compilation! He derives a lot of joy by interacting with developers regularly and learning more from them through what they are trying to accomplish with tech.

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Using GitHub Codespaces with .NET Core

We've updated our support for developing .NET Core applications in GitHub Codespaces using Visual Studio. Read about the added support we have for editors, testing, debugging, and Azure. Sign up to be invited to the preview for GitHub Codespaces and Visual Studio support!

.NET CLI Templates in Visual Studio

If you are a template author for .NET Core templates and have been wanting to show up for Visual Studio users as well with little effort we have enabled a new preview feature for you! Visual Studio now has an option in preview to enable CLI-installed .NET Core templates to display as options in the New Project Dialog experience.

Introducing “Web Live Preview”

If you work on any type of app that has a user interface (UI) you probably have experienced that inner-loop development cycle of making a change, compile and run the app, see the change wasn’t what you wanted, stop debugging, then re-run the cycle again. Depending on the frameworks or technology you use, there are options to improve this ...

Using Visual Studio Codespaces with .NET Core

Learn about how we are enabling .NET Core projects for Codespaces when using Visual Studio 2019.