Dmitry Lyalin

Principal Program Manager, .NET (Hot Reload, XAML Tooling & .NET MAUI)

I work in the .NET team as a Program Manager with a focus on bringing Hot Reload 🔥 technology to Visual Studio and as many .NET developers as possible. I also work on .NET MAUI and XAML Tools. When not keeping busy at my virtual office I am a busy dad, who occasionally tries to find time to still be a PC Gamer.

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Update on .NET Hot Reload progress and Visual Studio 2022 Highlights

.NET Hot Reload progress update. This includes what's new in platform support, user experiences, supported edits and more since our May 2021 blog post. We'll also cover how far we've come with Visual Studio 2022 integration.

Introducing the .NET Hot Reload experience for editing code at runtime

Introducing the new .NET Hot Reload user experience for editing managed code at runtime, now available through the Visual Studio 2019 debugger and dotnet watch.