An ASP.NET Open Source How-To Decoder Ring

Henrik F Nielsen

As you probably know, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Web Pages are available as open source on If you want to go beyond using the official RTM versions and either use the latest nightly drops, compile it yourself, or create pull requests then here’s a decoder ring for how to get started:

1) Using the Nightly NuGet Packages

For when you want to try out the latest nightly NuGet packages from our preview feed without having to compile the source.

2) Getting Symbols and Source for Nightly Builds

For when you run into trouble using the nightly NuGet packages or want to see what is going on. Makes full source and symbols available directly in the Visual Studio Debugger.

3) Compiling the source

For when you want to compile the source and run unit tests yourself.

4) Contributing to the project

For when you want to make source contributions back to the project. It explains how to create a fork and make a pull request with your proposed changes.

In addition, you can try out the samples which live on and of course let us know of any problems by logging issues.

Have fun!



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