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DirectStorage API Downloads

Welcome to the DirectStorage landing page where you’ll find links to the SDKs and other helpful info. 

Check out the DirectStorage 1.1  Announcement Blog and see the latest samples and documentation on the DirectStorage GitHub. 

PIX support for DirectStorage is now available, check out what’s new! 

Visit the DirectX Landing Page for more resources for DirectX developers. 

Latest DirectStorage SDK
SDK Package New features Minor bug fix release; see the NuGet package’s changelog for details. Features and bug fixes based on customer feedback. See DirectStorage 1.2 blog post
  • Add support for GDeflate GPU decompression
  • Add EnqueueSetEvent
  • For full list of changes see in the NuGet package Bug fixes based on feedback.  See DirectStorage SDK 1.0.2  First release of DirectStorage 


The DirectStorage SDK can also be installed via the vcpkg C++ Package Manager.