What’s new in VSTS Sprint 137 Update

Alex Nichols

The Sprint 137 Update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has rolled out to all organizations. In this Update, both Microsoft-hosted Linux and macOS agents, as well as Azure DevOps Projects are now generally available. Watch the following video to learn about a few of the features, which also includes a demonstration of some of the improvements to Wiki.

Since the preview of Azure DevOps Projects last November, we’ve continued to expand the list of languages, frameworks, and Azure services to help you get started with a full DevOps pipeline, including a sample application and telemetry, directly from the Azure Portal. Here’s a view of the various languages you can get started with today. You can also bring you own code.

DevOps Project

One of the great things about working on software and services with a team, organization, or community is that you can re-use code and build on solutions that others have developed so that you can focus on the unique problem ahead of you. Package Management in VSTS is your central place for setting up package feeds for components you want to use, whether they are published inside or outside of VSTS. With the continued shift in the industry to leverage more open source and shared code, we’ve now pre-installed the Package Management extension so that you can have a great handle on your dependencies. Soon you’ll also be able to toggle the visibility of this service in your organization using the Services admin page within the new navigation as you can with the others.


As we’ve used VSTS Wiki more and more within our organization, we’ve found that a few improvements could help us maintain our knowledge base even better. In this Update we’ve added a few features to improve the identification of broken links, deep link to headers within the page, and work more easily with attachments and images.

Wiki header links

Check out the release notes for more details and consider leaving a comment below if you’re looking for clarification on any of the new features in this Update.


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