VSTS Analytics OData now publicly available

Gregg Boer

The Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) Analytics OData feed has been promoted to full public preview, available to everyone. Developers can use OData to access VSTS Analytics to write 3rd party or custom widgets. Or, write any tool or extension that takes advantage of the VSTS Analytics data model.

This OData feed is built on VSTS Analytics, our new reporting platform. For more information, check out our Channel 9 videoVisual Studio Team Services Reporting: Dashboards, Power BI, and OData. The video describes an overview of what is available today, and a roadmap of what’s coming.

The OData endpoint is available after you have installed the VSTS Analytics extension.

With the public preview version, we have versioned the OData endpoint to V1.0.

The version provided in private preview was available at: https://ACCOUNT.analytics.visualstudio.com/PROJECT/_odata/WorkItems

The version released with public preview is V1.0, and is available at: https://ACCOUNT.analytics.visualstudio.com/PROJECT/_odata/V1.0/WorkItems

As per our API Versioning policy, the private preview version will continue to be supported for 1 year. However, if you have code written against the private preview endpoint, we strongly encourage you to update your code to use the V1.0 endpoint. This will set you up for future updates.

We have also published documentation to get you started:

Now that OData is publicly available, our next step is to provide a solid solution to connect Power BI to VSTS. That will be coming in January, 2018.