VS ALM Library Updates on MSDN for January, 2011


Even though it’s February. But it is a new year, and this one is going to be different. For example, yesterday:

City Hi / Lo F Hi / Lo C
Seattle, WA   49 / 39   9.4 / 3.9
Dallas, TX  26 / 22  -3.3 / -5.5
Pensacola, FL   43 / 40   6.1 / 4.4

What does this have to do with MSDN Library updates? Nothing, really; we just don’t get to make these comparisons very often.


What is new in the MSDN VS ALM Library:

Team Foundation Administration:


Securing Team Foundation Server

Now you can learn about how security for Team Foundation Server is integrated with Windows authentication and utilizes permissions for users and groups. You can learn about the advantages of configuring your deployment of Team Foundation Server 2010 to use HTTPS with SSL, and follow the steps to support or require this protocol for web connections between the data, application, and client tiers.

TF Proxy command

The TF Proxy command has two purposes, and each purpose is aimed at a different type of user.

  • As a developer, you can use the proxy command to configure your client to use a proxy server or to override the network defaults for a proxy server.
  • As a network administrator, you can use the proxy command to add and manage records about the location of various proxy servers within your deployment of Team Foundation Server.

You can read more about the command in Tim’s blog post: What If Using TFS Proxy Was as Easy as Making a Get? and in the MSDN topic.


Planning and Tracking Projects


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Securing Team Foundation Server


Team Foundation Server is integrated with Windows authentication


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TF Proxy command


What If Using TFS Proxy Was as Easy as Making a Get?


Significant Changes Made to Streamline the Content for Work Item Type Schema Reference


Customizing Global Workflow


Compatibility between Team Foundation Clients and Team Foundation Server





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