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Can environments be shared across team projects?

No, environments cannot be shared across multiple team projects. You will have to recreate the environments (with same nodes) in another team project, once you have deleted the environment from the previous one. A machine can be part of only one environment across team projects.


Can Lab manager manage environments in Azure?

There is limited support for managing environments in Azure. There are a couple of blogs posted about this here and here 


Can lab manager manage heterogeneous environments?

No. Lab manager can only manage nodes running windows OS.


How can I remove lab management service from my TFS installation?

You can use the tfsconfig lab /delete command, to delete hosts and environments from a team project collection. Please refer to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee712732(v=vs.100).aspx


 How can I delete/transfer ownership of environments created by another user?

You can manage environments across owners via the tfs/project admin user account.


How to troubleshoot test agent installation via lab manager 2012?



If I delete Lab environment, does it delete my lab machine also ?

For a standard environment or composed environment, It will not delete your lab machine. For a provisioned environment (Using Template, Library VM), It will delete lab environment


 What is the account used for deployment task by “Lab Agent Service”?

It tries to access deployment path with “Lab Service account”, if it fails then uses “Lab Agent Service” service account for running the deployment task, which is by default “Local System Account”.


 Repair/Install agents does not work in fence environment with Win7/Win8 Machines ?

This can happen if UAC is not disabled, please refer the below blog for details




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