Visual Studio Unit Test Generator is feature complete – v1 Release Candidate lands!


The ALM Rangers are pleased to announce the landing of the Release Candidate for the Visual Studio Unit Test Generator.


Once you’ve moved to Visual Studio 2012, what’s a developer to do without the Create Unit Tests feature?

Based on the high demand on User Voice for this feature to be restored, the Visual Studio ALM Rangers have introduced the Unit Test Generator Visual Studio Extension. The extension adds the “create unit test” feature back, with a focus on automating project creation, adding references and generating stubs, extensibility, and targeting of multiple test frameworks.We envision the following benefits for the Visual Studio community:

  • Quickly get to writing test code, not having to worry about setting up projects and files.
Customize the unit test code generation using a context menu, ensuring that generated tests better match your naming schemes.
  • Generate unit test stubs against multiple frameworks so that you can use any framework you like.

Find the Visual Studio Extension here:

Message from our product owner  Joshua Weber

I’m excited about the value this ALM Rangers team has delivered. This project works to not just bring back the core functionality and value from the old version but stretches to enhance it by supporting multiple frameworks and a more configurable test generation environment.

Please send candid feedback!

Which features do you need in the next version? What do you like and dislike in the current version?

We can’t wait to hear from you, and learn more about your experience using the add-in. Here are some ways to connect with us:

  • Ask a question on the respective CodePlex discussion forum.
  • Contact me on my blog.
  • Submit a suggestion on UserVoice, using the Rangers Project category tag.


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