Visual Studio Team Services is in Brazil!

Rogan Ferguson

We set a goal two years ago to make Visual Studio Team Services a truly global service. This goal has been driven by our commitment to provide the best performance and data sovereignty to our all of our customers around the world. Today, we are taking the next step on this journey by opening our 5th Geo presence in Brazil (Sao Paulo State). Brazil adds to our existing Geo presences in the US, Europe, Australia, and India.


When you create a new account from we default your Geo to the data center closest to you. Customers in South American countries will now notice that Brazil is the default selection. As always, you can override the selection by choosing any Geo from the list – Brazil is open to everyone. If you have an existing Team Services account and you would like to move it to the new Brazil Geo, you can do that by contacting support.

Be sure to check back as we will be continuing to build out our Geo presence. If you want to see Team Services in a particular Geo, feel free to use to create a suggestion and let people vote on it.


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