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Visual Studio Testing Tools enables development teams ensure higher quality applications and adopt latest testing practices. These Testing tools provide insightful information enabling development teams to reproduce  and fix issues sooner and faster. Ensuring higher quality applications and a better customer experience. In addition, the testing team can be more productive while planning, executing and tracking tests, both with the web-based test tools using Visual Studio Team Services or with the rich experience provided by Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager. One of the most common requests for Visual Studio Testing Tool, is for getting started content.  To this end this post will highlight the labs, videos and getting started posts that will help you get started.

If you happen to be doing a presentation on all the new Test Tools feature this presentation or this one Dev313_CI_Test_TechReady22 may help you!


Manual Testing


Test Automation


Load Testing


Manual Testing Videos

Test Automation Videos

Load Testing Videos

Browser-based Exploratory Testing in Visual Studio Team Services Continuous Testing with Visual Studio Online  What is new withCloud-based Loading Testing in Visual Studio Team Services

Test Planning with Test Hub on Visual Studio Online

 Browser-based Exploratory Testing in Visual Studio Team Services New Load Test Experience in Azure
Creating test cases with Test Hub on Visual Studio Online (sorry about the audio track!) Testing Java Applications with Visual Studio Team Services Cloud-basedLoad Test at Build 2014
Managing test steps and test data with Test Hub on Visual Studio Online (sorry about the audio track!) Unit Testing from a CI Build with Visual Studio Team Services Performance Testing in DevOps workflows
Test Planning with Test Hub on Visual Studio Online (sorry about the audio track!) A DevOps and Test Automation walk through for Visual Studio Team Services New Visual Studio Online Load Test Experience
Manual Test Tools For Integrating Testers Into A DevOps World



Manual Testing  Blog Posts

Test Automation Blog Posts

Load Testing Blog Posts

Announcing easy to use browser-based exploratory testing for Visual Studio Team Services Coded UI Test Extensibility V2 Creating Load Test Plugins for Cloud-based Load Test

Getting Started with DevTest Labs for Azure

Testing Java Applications with Visual Studio Team Services

Scheduling Load Test Execution

Test Planning and Management Guide – Updated

Test Results in Build


Announcing Public Preview for Performance/Load testing of Azure Webapp

Test Plan and Test Suite Customization

Supplying Run Time Parameters to Tests

Load Testing from different geographies with Cloud-based load testing

New Web Access Test features walk through

Continuous Deployment: Dev/Test in Azure and Deploy to Production On-premises

Cloud Load Test Support in mstest.exe command line and XAML Builds

Dev/Test Scenarios in the DevOps World

Speeding up Unit Test Execution in TFS

Announcing support for Goal-based Load Pattern in Cloud-based Load Tests


IntelliTest – One Test to rule them all

Collecting Advanced Agent Diagnostics Data in Cloud-based Load Test






(Much of this leverage from the great Alm DevOps feature index

Manual Testing  Help Content

Test Automation Help Content

Load Testing Help Content

Exploratory Testing Preview Introduction to IntelliTest with Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Introduction to Web Performance and Load Testing with Visual Studio Enterprise 2015
Introduction to Test Planning with Microsoft Test Manager 2015

Introduction to Coded UI Tests with Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 

Explore user stories without test cases or test steps using Test Manager and exploratory testing.Exploratory testing Unit Testing, Code Coverage and Code Clone Analysis with Visual Studio 2015 Load testing (VSTS)You can run a basic load test on your web app or site directly from your VSTS account, no other tools necessary. 
Record and play back manual testsWith Microsoft Test Manager, you can record your keystrokes and gestures while you test an application. The next time you run the test, you can play back your actions quickly and accurately. Coded UI testingUse Visual Studio to create Coded UI tests to test your application’s user interface.
Track test status and test resultsQuickly view the status of your testing using lightweight charts.Test charts Run test with your builds for continuous integrationUse continuous integration builds to run tests automatically.
Test permissionsSet permissions on who can manage test configurations, test environments, and publish and delete test results. Review automated test results after a buildReview your test results to analyze any problems that were found.
Shared steps and shared parametersCreate shared steps to include often repeated sequence of steps in your manual test cases, such as logging in. Repeat manual tests with different data using shared parameters. Test environmentsSpecify a combination of hardware and software that represents a user or machine environment in which your app will run
Manual tests plans and test casesCreate test plans and test cases to track manual testing for sprints or milestones. Generate unit tests for your code with IntelliTest
 Authoring and Running Manual Tests using Microsoft Test Manager 2015

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