User Voice site for Team Services has moved to its own area

Ewald Hofman (MSFT)

The Visual Studio brand represents a suite of tools for every developer and every app, and includes three components

  1. A powerful IDE to create stunning apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and the web with a powerful integrated development environment.
  2. Services for teams to collaborate in the cloud with version control, agile, continuous delivery, app analytics using any IDE or editor.
  3. An editor for any OS to build and debug modern web and cloud apps with a free code editor that runs on Windows, OS X, or Linux.

We want to hear from you how we can improve our products, and many of you have already added your great suggestions at our User Voice site. Not too long ago I explained how we use User Voice. Today is a small change in how our User Voice site works.

In User Voice we had a category to capture all the suggestions related to Visual Studio Online Visual Studio Team Services (in short: Team Services) / Team Foundation Server. When we started with User Voice it made a lot of sense to use a category for this area. However with the rebranding of Visual Studio Online into Team Services, we wanted to better represent the three components as mentioned above. We already had a forum for the IDE and for VS Code, and today we have added a third forum to represent all the suggestions for Team Services / Team Foundation Server. We have moved all suggestions from the VSO / TFS category into this new forum. And aside from the new location, nothing changes for you.

So from now on, if you want to give suggestions on Team Services (cloud) or Team Foundation Server (host yourself), you can go to the new user voice forum called Team Services. And you can of course still add suggestions and ideas to the IDE or Visual Studio Code in their forums.

Thanks for all the suggestions and idea that you have already provided, and looking forward to see all the future feedback.


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