Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.12.22

Willy-P. Schaub

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics.


  • How to setup a VSTS pipelines for Azure Service Fabric and its containing services – Clemens Reijnen
    Sven wrote a detailed How To covering the creating of a release pipelines for a secure Azure Service Fabric cluster and the containing services, based on a project we did together.
  • How to Make Git Work with Self-Signed SSL Certificates on TFS2018 – Ben Day
    When you install Team Foundation Server 2018 (TFS2018), the installer gives you the option to configure TFS to use HTTPS with a self-signed SSL certificate. This is a good thing.
  • Using TypeScript for your VSTS extension walk through – Erick Segaar
    One of my targets of this year was to start writing TypeScript and experience the usability compared to my experience writing JavaScript over 20 years ago.
  • Configure Git repository for automatic pull –rebase – Ricci Gian Maria
    I’m not a great fan of Git Graphical User Interfaces, I use mainly command line, but I needed to admit that, for novice user, the ability to use a GUI is something that can ease the pain of transition to a new tool.
  • The impact of an upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2018 – Matteo Emili
    Usually upgrading Team Foundation Server is smooth and easy, but there is an exception this time around. It is not strictly related to TFS per-se, instead the issue lies with the new deprecations introduced with version 2018.
  • TFS 2017 – Sometimes we must look back before we can move forward! – Part 1 – Chuck Goodspeed
    This is the first of a series of posts, focusing on the challenges encountered in migrating/evolving TFS 2005/2008/2010 installations a full decade forward into TFS 2017 and/or VSTS. Experiences and situations encountered at multiple customer installations provide real-life NOT “out-of-the-box experiences”, [! OOB} which can be built upon to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Azure ARM template function internals – Ed Elliott
    I have been working with azure arm functions for quite a while and they are exceptionally useful but also quite a pain to work with, visualizing what it is that the functions will resolve to is often hard.
  • Help! My TFS automatically redirects HTTPS to HTTP! – Matteo Emili
    If you are deploying HTTPS to TFS and you want to keep HTTP for a while, you might experience a strange behaviour: despite following the documentation, every time you browse to your TFS Web Access with HTTPS you are redirected to HTTP.

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