Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.10.20

Willy-P. Schaub

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics.


  • Continuous Deployment of Cloud Services with VSTS – Oren Novotny
    In my last blog post, I showed how you can use ASP.NET Core with an Azure Cloud Service Web Role. The next step is to enable CI/CD for it, since you really shouldn’t be using “Publish” within Visual Studio for deployment.
  • Migration to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services – Accenture
    Digital is redefining the way people work every day. At Accenture, this includes the way the internal IT organization develops software, performs continuous integration and deploys new releases with speed and agility.
  • VSTS Build Agent Selection Demystified – Jeff Bramwell
    One of the (many!) features I like about VSTS is that, while I can create my build definitions in the cloud-hosted service, I do not have to rely on the hosted build agents to run my builds.
  • VSTS and TFS 2017 ALM and DevOps Hands On Labs – Mike Douglas
    For TFS and VSTS, Microsoft has released a set of labs for each of these. In addition Microsoft has released two more sets of HOLs, one is DevOps for Java in VSTS and one is DevOps for Node.js with VSTS.
  • A/B Testing with Azure Linux Web Apps for Containers – Colin Dembovsky
    I love containers. I’ve said before that I think they’re the future. Just as hardly anyone installs on tin any more since we’re so comfortable with Virtualization, I think that in a few years hardly anyone will deploy VMs – we’ll all be on containers.
  • Pause build and clear long build queue – Ricci Gian Maria
    In VSTS / TFS Build system, you can change the status of the build, between three states: Enabled, Paused and Disabled. The Paused state is really special, because all the build trigger are still active and builds are queued, but all these queued build does not starts.
  • Our journey to WhiteSource and OSS security, licensing and quality checking – ALM | DevOps Rangers, Jeff Bramwell
    This is the third, and final, article in the WhiteSource series for managing open source usage and security in your CI/CD pipeline.


p>image_thumb[2] RADIOTFS

  • 149 // Bunches About Bots with Jeffrey Opdam
    In this episode Greg and Josh are joined by Jeffrey Opdam, ALM Ranger (September 2017 ALM Ranger Champion!) and Mr. VSTS Bot! We pick Jeffery’s brain on building Bots, integrating with VSTS and about being an ALM Ranger. With the remaining time, we chat about the latest VSTS and TFS news, including a great article from Brian Harry about how SQL Server 2016 was picked for TFS 2018.
  • 148 // The one with Anisha
    In this episode Anisha Pindoria joins Greg as a co-host (saving the show!) and they talk about what Anisha has been up to since she was last on, some behind-the-scenes about  the ALM MVP program, what it’s like working with Martin, TFS 2018 RC2 new VSTS Extensions and even some Chuck Norris!

image VIDEOS

  • CI/CD with and Azure – Shawn Weisfeld
    In this talk we will take a simple ASP.NET MVC application and check it in to Source Control. We will then use the online Build tools to automate builds on check-in. Then using the online release management we will automate deploying it to our Dev, QA and Production environments. All the while ensuring that we keep all of the configuration for each of these environments safe.

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