Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.03.26

Zachary Deptawa

Happy Friday everyone! I’m absolutely loving the weather right now in South Texas – we were sitting at a sunny 75ºF today, but it will be over 100ºF here before we know it. While keeping cool this week, I had a chance to check out some great blog posts from our community. This week’s top stories cover great topics ranging from Azure DevOps repository configuration, to Bicep and ARM Templates, to Domain Controller tips in Azure DevOps, and even remote state setup in Terraform. Check them out!

How Azure can help your company expand in multiple regions (4 of 5)
In part four of this five-part series, Ivan is back to cover repository setup in awesome detail. Tons of great information, screenshots, and snippets here!

Bicep meet Azure Pipelines
John talks us through using Bicep in Azure Pipelines. If you’re familiar with ARM Templates, check this one out for sure!

Azure DevOps – Automating Domain Controller promotion
Have you been looking for an easier way to handle the promotion of Domain Controllers in Azure DevOps? Jake has you covered.

Terraform Remote State -Part 2: Using Azure
In part two of this series by Sourav, he discusses using Azure to store your remote Terraform State. If you’re new to using Terraform or are wondering how remote state works, check this post out!

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