Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.11.20

Steven Murawski

Happy Friday! We’ve had a really strong week of content. Feast your eyes on these varied topics – from pipeline components and build agents, to working with Java or Go apps, to testing databases in your CI. Our community has something for everyone.

Azure Pipelines: YAML Templates VS. Custom Tasks
Marcus explores two ways to create reusable components in Azure Pipelines.

Azure DevOps Scale set agents (Part 2)
Chris explores how he uses Packer to create VM images for build agent scale sets.

Modify Java Web App Azure Deployments with Post-Deployment Script
Tiffany shares how she deals with a naming convention challenge when deploying Java builds into Azure App Service from Azure Pipelines.

GoLang App build Version via Azure DevOps Pipelines
Karthikeyan explains how to inject the Azure Pipelines build version into a GoLang app.

Testing Your Database Backups Using SQL Server on Linux Containers
Jamie shows us how to test database backups with containers locally and in our CI pipeline.

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