Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.03.13

Steven Murawski

Hey y’all! Happy Friday the 13th! While there’s lots of discouraging things out on the interwebs lately, we have some great examples of how to continue to deliver software. From build pipelines and shared definitions to custom release notes to caching, there’s a lot of great content this week.

How to Preview and Test a Changing YAML Pipeline on Azure DevOps
Working with a YAML build definition can be frustrating when syntax errors block our progress. Sebastian shares a neat way to use an API in Azure Pipelines to validate the YAML build definition.

pipeline_templates Project
Nick brought my attention to a project where they are gathering useful build definition templates. It’s a nice resource if you are doing Xamarin development.

Build & Release a Container Image from Azure DevOps to Azure Web App for Containers
Steve provides an thorough walkthrough of how to build and deploy a container image from Azure Pipelines to Azure Web App for Containers – and yes, Azure Web App will run your container!

A major new feature for my Cross-platform Release Notes Azure DevOps Pipelines Extension–Handlebars Templating Support
Richard describes a new templating language capability in his release notes extension. Release notes can be an awesome thing and I happen to like the handlebars template syntax.

Caching (not only) NuGet packages on Azure DevOps
I love caching! And I hate caching! Krysztof introduces the Cache@2 task.

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