Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.01.10

Sasha Rosenbaum

We are in the second week of the new year, and people are slowly getting back into full-time work mode. This week, our community posts are all about extensions and integrations. Read on for some great content!

Update Azure CLI Extensions
In this short and sweet post, Rob Bos covers how to install and Azure DevOps extension on Azure CLI, and how to potentially find the exact extension name if you aren’t familiar with it yet. Thanks, Rob!

A technique for porting PowerShell based Azure DevOps Extensions to Node so they can be run cross-platform without a complete re-write
Going from Azure CLI extensions for Azure DevOps to Azure DevOps extensions proper. As we are now in a multi-platform environment, some of the extensions you’ve originally targeted at Windows may now be useful on other OS types as well. In this post, Richard Fennell provides a guide on how to port Azure DevOps extensions written in PowerShell to Node.js/PSCore, so they can run cross-platform. Thank you, Richard!

Easily differentiate versions of your applications using Azure DevOps
Extensions can be just as useful for mobile development. In this guide, Damien Aicheh covers the use of Azure DevOps extension that lets you add a launch-icon-badge to your mobile app, so that you can easily identify which version of the app you are currently using. This is an incredible improvement to usability on your testing mobile devices! Thanks, Damien!

Deploy Docker Image from Artifactory to K8s w/ Azure DevOps Server
If you are in the mood for a video, in this recording Michael Blevins shows us how to deploy an ASP.NET Core application to a Kubernetes cluster using Azure DevOps Server. Michael is using Artifactory for the Docker image repository, and Azure Pipelines to deploy the Docker images to Kubernetes. Thank you, Michael!

Episode 057: Azure DevOps in the Real-World
And if you are in the midst of your commute, or otherwise in the mood for an audio, in this new episode of the podcast, Mike Pfeiffer and Abel Wang discuss “Azure DevOps in the real-world”. They dive into how the service works, what are the best use cases for it, and what we’ve learned by running it for over a decade.

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