Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.08.17

Edward Thomson

Another Friday means another happy hour! No, not the time when I hit the bar after work — the time when I catch up on the news around DevOps for VSTS and Azure. Here’s what I’ve been reading (and, this week, writing!)

Jekyll with VSTS and Azure I love GitHub Pages, but sometimes you need a more complex setup, like a proper deployment pipeline with approval gates. I demonstrate my CI/CD pipeline based around Jekyll — the app that runs GitHub Pages — using VSTS to deploy to Azure.

An Interview with Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery, Engineering Culture, and Making Decisions When any of the fine folks at DORA — DevOps Research and Assessment — talk, I listen. In this interview, Jez Humble gives his thoughts on the state of the art of delivering software.

VSTS Extension – Tagging all resources within a Resource Group Peter Rombouts has many ARM templates, and needs to tag all the resources. He’s created a VSTS extension to simplify this and add tags to resources within a Resource Group automatically.

Private Sitecore nuget feeds using VSTS Sitecore cleverly uses Nuget package feeds for their packages. So if you need some more advanced package management, like different feeds for pre-release and released packages, Bas Lijten shows you how to use VSTS package management to build custom views for Nuget feeds.

Hard lessons in asynchronous JavaScript code Knock knock. Who’s Race condition! there? (A little programmer humor makes threading problems easier to deal with.) In this enlightening article, Jesse Houwing explains how he debugged and fixed a race condition in his popular VSTS extension.

When should we scan for vulnerabilities in our build using WhiteSource Bolt? It’s important to keep your code secure and free of known security vulnerabilities. Willy-Peter Schaub takes a look at scanning for vulnerabilities as part of your CI/CD process.


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