Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.08.10

Edward Thomson

Time for my favorite part of the week: sitting back on a Friday afternoon and catching up on the hard work going on in the DevOps community. And this week didn’t disappoint, there were so many great stories that it was hard to pick just a few of my favorites.

Creating a CI/CD pipeline with VSTS and Compute Engine Our friends at Google have put together a nice tutorial showing how you can use VSTS to build a CI/CD pipeline into Compute Engine. They demonstrate with Orchard CMS — an ASP.NET MVC app — but it’s widely applicable to any developer on any platform.

The Dynatrace Unbreakable Pipeline in VSTS and Azure? Bam! When Abel Wang saw Dynatrace’s Unbreakable Pipeline, he knew he had to build it with VSTS and Azure. So he did — and he did it serverless with VSTS Deployment Gates and Azure Functions.

Using Azure Shell with VSTS Git Repositories and VS Code Do you use Azure Shell? If so, you can now work with your VSTS-hosted Git repositories right from within Azure Shell. Tarun Arora shows you how to clone a repository, commit a change and push those changes back to the server.

Serverless, DevOps, and CI/CD: Part 2 Just because you’re going serverless doesn’t mean that you can start skipping best practices; Azure Functions need a CI/CD pipeline, too. Jeff Hollan shows how to build a proper pipeline for serverless.

Managing DNS with DNSControl, CloudFlare, DNSimple, GitHub, VSTS, Key Vault, and Docker! Sure, you can build and deploy your code with VSTS. But what about building and deploying your DNS!? Kieran Jacobsen checks DNS zones into a Git repository and deploys their changes with a CI/CD pipeline.


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