Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.07.06

Edward Thomson

Here’s a quick look at the news around Microsoft DevOps — this week we’ve got a lot of great guidance around version control, Database DevOps, and deployments, plus some new software, including a Power BI template.

Recover a Deleted VSTS Git Repo We use version control so that we can make sure that we can recover things when we delete them; and it’s easy to recover files and branches that you accidentally delete. But what if you delete your whole repository? Hosam Kamel explains how you can take advantage of the VSTS REST APIs to restore a deleted repository.

Updating VSTS to SQL Change Automation Redgate recently released the SQL Change Automation tool, which handles both state/comparison development and migrations-based development of your databases. Here’s how to adopt SQL Change Automation in your VSTS pipeline.

Azure WebApp Deployed from VSTS Fails to Start Due to Old Assemblies Not Being Cleaned During Deployment The VSTS deployment pipelines into Azure Web Apps are powerful and configurable; it can be easy to overlook a simple setting. If you’re seeing files not being removed during a deployment, Gavin shows you the simple fix.

FlowViz Nicolas Brown introduces FlowViz, a free-to-use Power BI template that provides easy to understand, actionable flow metrics for your agile teams using VSTS. It even includes predictive analytics that answer the questions about what you’ll deliver.

Integrating VSTS Package Feed to Octopus If you’re using Octopus Deploy as your continuous deployment tool, you might be using the Octopus Deploy integration in the VSTS marketplace. But now if you’re using VSTS Package Management to store your packages; Chaminda Chandrasekara walks you through consuming them in Octopus by integrating with the VSTS Package Management feed.

Deploy Entity Framework Core 2.1 Migrations from a DLL Ben Day recommends that you deploy EF Core migrations from DLLs, as a best practice of DevOps deployments – but that’s not always easy. Fortunately, he’s got guidance for you that explains how to do it and a Build & Release Tools extension for VSTS to help you even more.


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